The Echo Chamber
Friday, April 04, 2003
  8:44 AM

Iraqi Lawyer's Courage Leads Marines to Lynch

This is the most detailed account I've read on Lynch's rescue. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2003
  10:27 AM


Vandalised Etaples cemetery

At some point I’m going to stop being surprised by the French. The vandalism of the central monument at the British World War II cemetery may be their last surprise for me.

The sentiments expressed:

Rosbifs (British) go home!

Saddam Hussein will win and spill your blood.

[Underneath the symbol of a swastika] Death to Yankees

Dig up your garbage, it is fouling our soil.

A call for UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George W Bush to be sent to the international criminal court in The Hague

An aside - Is there any better illustration for why the United States should never submit itself to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court? The ICC would become primarily a tool for hobbling the Unites States by punishing our patriots. The United States, its military and civilian leaders would be constant targets of politically motivated prosecutions. Imagine if the despotic countries in UN General Assembly could decide to jail our President or General Franks.

There is a reason for this desecration Steven Den Beste explains:

Thousands of English-speaking soldiers who died in France to defend it, or to liberate it, apparently cannot rest there in peace. Their very presence is resented; cold and silent, drawing no breath, they speak loudly and deliver a message that the French do not want to hear, against which there are no arguments.

They bear mute testimony to the fact that the French could not defend themselves. Because of their presence and their inability to speak, they puncture French pretensions to greatness. They represent irrefutable proof that the French have had to rely, again and again, on us for salvation, but we have not had to rely on them. In the last 200 years, no English speaking nation has ever required French help to defend itself.

Tens of thousands of Aussies and Canucks and Yanks sleep forever in the cold soil of France. But there are no French military cemeteries in Australia or Canada or the US.
For this crime, for speaking the truth about French weakness and decline so eloquently by not making a sound, not even our military dead can be tolerated; the French must lash out and punish even those who gave everything they had for France.

Our war dead have been targeted because they can no longer fight back.

Once again the Australians, the British, and the Americans have gone to war against an evil totalitarian regime, while France wars against its late great liberators.

France is pathetic. One-third of the country actually wants Saddam to win the war:

The defilement of Commonwealth war graves in northern France coincided with a poll for the Times which found 54% of Britons no longer regarded France as a close ally because of its opposition to the war.

Relations will be further scarred by a poll in Le Monde, showing only one-third of the French felt they were on the same side as the Americans and British -- and another third desired outright Iraqi victory over "les anglo-saxons."

France has a serious problem with the "Anglo Street." Perhaps they should ask themselves why they are so despised.

Den Beste suggests that the next time that France gets attacked they can defend themselves without our help. Den Beste is actually a moderate on the subject. See yesterday's post below. 

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
  10:50 PM

'Nuff said. 

Monday, March 31, 2003
  4:01 PM

Brutality is Inefficient

Most pundits, even conservatives like Peggy Noonan, are now suggesting that Gulf War II will be a protracted conflict - that the main shooting war could last months. I’m still not convinced. What the coalition forces have accomplished in 11 days is remarkable. And there apparently is some thought in the Pentagon that the regime is teetering even now.

I could be wrong. In fact, the war should have been over by now. This is not a criticism of our military or their leadership. Any sane regime would have realized that the end of this war is a foregone conclusion. There would have been intense negotiation involving exile for top leadership and entourage. This has not happened because Iraq’s leadership is not sane nor is it guided by realistic intelligence. Pity the poor sap that will have to tell Saddam that the Medina division has been destroyed!

And the war should have been pre-empted altogether by a military coup or by a civilian revolution. That this never happened is a testimony to the effectiveness of Saddam’s brutality. Anytime anyone has dared challenge Saddam’s regime or step out of line in any way, they have been tortured and killed, often with their families. Twenty years of this has broken Iraq’s spirit.

This gives us yet another reason for winning this war. Beyond the fact that we will be ending incredible brutality, we will yet again be demonstrating the failure of totalitarianism.

In the last century it has been proven, time and again, that free societies are more efficient than totalitarian societies, regardless of their brutality. Totalitarianism, by definition, does not allow for low-level flexibility. The Iraqi Army slogan is not “Be all that you can be” or “Army of one.” I imagine its something like “Be an acceptable pawn, and maybe we’ll let you live.” The smartest Iraqi grunt is the invisible Iraqi grunt. He’s the guy that has done nothing to distinguish himself from his peers in any way, be it good or bad. He’s hoping that he won’t be quickly missed when he goes AWOL.

In contrast our soldiers are striving to distinguish themselves every day. They follow orders, but they do so with an engaged mind. If the reality of the battlefield conflicts substantially with an order, our soldiers will not march like lemmings off a cliff. If time permits, the new conditions are communicated, without fear of reprisal, up the chain of command for modified orders. If time or conditions don’t permit communication, the soldier on the ground often makes his own determination based on his understanding of his part in the overall mission. The two mechanics that were stranded in the dessert for a week are a good example of this

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